MARITA welcomes you to a traditional neoclassic building with all modern conveniences. It is situated in the NATURA 2000 reserve, 100m from the sea, in the beach of Lisvori of Lesvos Island.
It is 40km away from the city of Mitilini, the port and the airport of the island, very close to Kalloni bay, 8km away from the wonderful Vatera beach which is the largest beach of the island.
MARITA is an oasis for everyday routine and the hectic pace of life in the city, as it offers you peace and tranquility to recharge your batteries. Walks in nature, cycling in the woods and the coastline of Kalloni bay constitute a unique and unforgettable experience. Organic products, produced by us, will make you rediscover taste and delight.


Lisvori , in the Municipality of Polihnitos, is a lively community. The inhabitants are mostly farmers. Anise, the plant whose seeds give ouzo its characteristic flavor, is produced here. The best flavored oil of Lesvos also comes from this area. It is said that the area of Temenos has the oldest olive trees in the island. Onions, clover, and animal produce, as well as the well known bread and bread products made of local wheat can be found here as well. At Koutir there are ruins of port installations submerged under the sea. At Skamioudi there are the ruins of a Byzantine fort